Kayural's Appeal

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Kayural's Appeal

Post by Kayural » Sun Mar 17, 2019 12:07 pm

Discord ID: Kayural#7699
Steam ID: 76561198020185687

I found a post from Jippen on the Astats forum, so i wanted to call that out to rectifyre what he said
================Broken cheevos=============================

* Careering Through Space
* Social Networking, But Not as We Know It
* A Hive of Scum & Villany

====================Suspect cheevos=====================

Knights of Pen + Paper +1
* Indecisive Person
* Ain't Nobody Got Time For That
* The Explorer
* Is This My Kitchen?
* Where the Journey Begins

Saints Row 3
* Gotta Break 'Em In
* Gellin' Like Magellan
* Tank you Very Much

XCOM: Enemy Unknown
* Anger Management
* Oppenheimer

Clicker Heros:

The Westport Independant
* ...

Randall's Monday (2016-11-19)
Cities in Motion 2 (2018-06-22)
Cheated Games:

- RedShirt: Honestly, i didn't remember HOW i got all the ach, so i RELOCKED all, and got ALL again legittimatly, BUT, if these achs are reported as broken ( As in Astats are ), i will gladly relock it ( because, in the game, you must escape a station in X time, you can get ALL of the ways to escape, because they trigger in the end )
- Knight of Pen and Paper + 1: All the quoted achs were get WITHOUT SAM, but WITH Cheat Engine, using the Speed multiplier because of the boring repetitive tasks. If this is a violation of the rules, i will gladly relock all of them and unlock again without it.
- Saint Row 3: No, all of the ach in this game are legittimate
- XCOM: Enemy unknown: Again, all of these are legittimate
- Clicker Heroes: No, i didn't use SAM, BUT i used my clock to speed up time AND an autoclicker because of the boring repetitive tasks. If these metods are banned, i will relock and unlock them again
- The Westport Indipendant: I SAMed some of these ach ( Don't remember which ones ) because of the repetitive parts of the games. I've already relocked all.
- Randall's Monday: No, all of these are legittimate
- Cities in Motion 2: I used custom maps to get some achs faster, if this metod is banned, i will relock and unlock them again. IF you're thinking about the "Play X game in sandbox", then you need to know that they count even if you just enter it and exit a couple seconds later. The "Play X game in multiplayer" were SAMed because of the lacks of other people playing it, so i already relocked them.

Now, some mentions of some games and some SAMed games:

- Prison Architect: I used some custom map for unlock some ach. If this metods are banned, i will relock and unlock them again
- STARWHAL: I used Cheat Engine to speed up the game while using 2 controller to obtain some ach. If this metods are banned, i will relock and unlock them all again, because i din't remember which one i did with this metod and which one i didn't.
- Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer: I SAMed the "rich" ach, so i relocked it. Honestly didn't remeber why
- Saint Row IV: The ach "Saintified" was perfectly obtainable, but it count as unvalid for reasons i don't want to investigate.
- Adventure Capitalist: I've done ALL of it in a legittimate way, but they count as unvalid on Astats ( So i presume you too count it as unvalid )
- Steam Marines: SAMed, again, because of the boring repetitive tasks, already relocked.
- Teleglitch: Die More Edition: I don't really remember, but i think i used Cheat Engine to speed up the game ( again, i DON'T REMEMBER, so i'm NOT SURE ). If you think it's better for me to reset them, i will do it.

Honestly, i just want to be clear without anyone thinking i'm a cheater, a hacker or whatever else name do you want to call me (:

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Re: Kayural's Appeal

Post by Xeinok » Mon Mar 18, 2019 6:11 pm

Thanks for appealing, the team will review shortly :)
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