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Re: Razor Appeal

Post by Razor » Sun Mar 17, 2019 6:14 am

Also also this wasn't that ''in the past''. I become interested in achievement hunting in early February, because I saw a video from Xeinok.
When I saw that he has over 1mil achievements on Steam, I couldn't believe that they were real. At that time I didn't know he had a discord server and a Steam group and I ignored it. I start unlocking achievements with SAM because that's what I considered to be legit at that time (dumb, I know, I know). I didn't know there are so many sites that can validate your profile to put you in a leaderboard. Now I see that achievements ave a much more importance, not just to have a big number on your profile, but to feel like you achieved something, even if it's about a Visual Novel or Super Meat Boy. That's the 2nd reason why I appealed and I want to play in a fair and clean way
Thanks again !

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