Rynakinz Appeal (Complete)

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Rynakinz Appeal (Complete)

Post by Rynakinz » Tue Jul 30, 2019 3:48 am

I posted on AStats months ago but due to the abandonment of the forums I was asked to post here, I used SAM to hack in glitched achievements (and some not glitched achievements v_v) multiple times over the years, and have since relocked them and would like to clear my stats! Most of theses achievements were hacked in years ago, I relocked the achievements listed here a few months ago and haven't touched SAM since.

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Now That's a Knife! - Achievement only unlocked if you did the requirements in a certain order, I hacked it in but relocked it a few days later.

Terraria - Large chunk of the achievements were glitched at launch, Due to not knowing which ones were hacked and which ones weren't, I relocked all the achievements

Starbound - same situation as Terraria

Team Fortress 2 - This one was unintentional. I joined a server with my friend back in like 2012(?) thinking it was a server set up with areas to help unlock achievements, It ended up unlocking about 300~ of them just for joining the server. I relocked all my TF2 achievements due to not knowing which ones were hacked or not.

Sonic Adventure 2 - Boss Attack, Speedy Racer & Mission Complete - Had them unlocked on PS3 but didn't want to suffer through it again so I hacked them in a few years back.

Battleblock Theater - Same as Sonic Adventure 2 but with the 360 version.

Nier Automata - The Minds that Emerged - I completed the credit sequence but bailed at the last second so I wouldn't lose my saves and hacked in the achievements.

LYNE - Hacked the 2nd half of the achievements in to get the letter achievements for a profile showcase, relocked the whole list afterwards.

The Stanley Parable - Set my clock ahead 5 years to get the 5 year achievement

Time Clickers - Imported the browser version I believe, But I relocked the achievements so I could replay it through steam instead.

Woodle Tree Adventures - 1000/3000 berries achievement didn't pop, so I hacked in this and the coop achievement to 100% it.

Portal 2 - Talent Show (Potentially? Not sure)

Limbo - No Point in Dying (also not sure about this one, Pretty sure it was)

Bleed - No idea about this one, I just got a feeling I used SAM for one of the achievements, so I relocked the whole thing. Gives me an excuse to replay the game though so I guess I dont mind.

Ive went through my games several times and dont really remember any other games I could have SAM'd in, All of these usages of SAM were before I joined 100 Pals. I've since uninstalled the program, but I can use Relocker if any other achievements come up that need to be relocked.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my appeal and I apologize in advance for whoever has to deep dive through my nearly 3000 games for any hacked achievements. Please let me know if you find any other games that might have any hacked achievements.

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Re: Rynakinz appeal

Post by Allalinor » Tue Jul 30, 2019 3:48 am

Relocks look good and your profile looks fine.

That would be it from our side. We will lock this thread and archive it so that it is available for AStats staff when they get to your appeal.

Thanks for coming clean and have a good time cheevo hunting.