GreCha Appeal (Complete)

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GreCha Appeal (Complete)

Post by GreCha » Tue Jul 30, 2019 3:48 am ... hp?tid=609 - Astats forum post - Steam profile
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Hello 100pals team!
I start my appeal on Astats, and some of the mods told me it would be nice to creat here new1.

All the information that may be useful to you is set forth on Astats. There i wonna add somethings that i dont add to apeal cous it wuold "bumpup" it on forum list.

1. Witcher 3
to what I wrote on АStats I want to add a moment, I don’t know if it is important. When I completed the game this summer to get the achievements that previously opened with SAM i notice dat last 1 ach "Kling of the Clink" wasnt given to me after i compete quest (sit on jail), it has already been received by me, I did not notice this, maybe I downloaded the old save in which I had passed (not a new game +). So I deleted it, went into the game, replay, again, the ending with the jail and got an achievement.

"Deleted by accident" - Next info about Withcer 2, 3 is copy from my conf with newman in Discord, he asked me about does ach "Humpty Dumpty" legit, realson for asking this was cous of ach "Master Masrcsman".
I will explain, in the game there are achievements where it is necessary to kill in a peculiar way of the enemy, for example:
1. The Enemy of My Enemy
2. That Is the Evilest Thing
3. Overkill

And now about "Master Marksman" "Humpty Dumpty", im sure that i get both of this 2 legit, but when I looked and checked where I could use SAM, I got nervous and thought that because of the fact that they were near to each other I probably hacked 1 of them.
With ach "Humpty Dumpty" i remember i have a problem, I cleared the entire map and it was very difficult to find a place where there are enemies standing on a hill, but I found this (I don’t remember the name of location, but if I need to, I can find it in the game and take a screenshot).
With "Master Marksman", there is bolt for a crossbow that causes bleeding, and when I performed achievement "Overkill" I often killed enemies trying to execute it.

Same was with the other games like witcher 2, where i delete "Guru" cous of though dat i use CE, but NO, Im sure dat i dont.

2. Isaac
I deleted it by mistake, I thought that the last 3 achievements are impossible next to each other "Golden God!" ,"Platinum God!", "Eternal God". Therefore deleted the achievements from the DLC and replay.
In new Isaac, was used CE, hard to find what legit what no so all wiped. (And yeah i done it twice cous of the save file...)

3. Terraria
When i go to the game i auto got "Good Little Slave". Most likely I hurried and removed the achievement, although I got it myself back in 2016.

4. Skyrim
It will be difficult to explain because of the "language barrier"...
Just like with other, I hurried and did not check the game before removing the achievement.
The achievement i SAMed was most likely "Master Criminal", "Legend", "Master Criminal".
When i open up the game, i found 3 home and child.
When I looked, I relied on memories, but then I wasn’t really keen on achievements + it was a long time ago, I forgot most things...

5. Disgaea 1, 2
I used the CE (Cheat Engine), I left only those that were BEFORE using the program, I hacked the experience, I used to play a lot on the PSP and didn’t want LVLing char again...

6. South Park
Wiped all

7. DMC SE and DMC
Wiped all

8. Rogue Legacy
CE, left only fair obtained

9. Darkest Dungeon
Wiped all

10. Darksiders 2
Just like on Astats, I used CE on the arena and pumped in all the skills that gave me an achievement for the discovery of all skills. And then left game cous after i gain every skill I felt bored...

11. Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition, cant find any save or remember all that did in the game.
Wiped all

12. MURDERED soul suspect, same as Batman, wiped all.

13. Dishonored 1 - wiped all.

And things that i cant understand (mb its ok and im just paranoic):
1. Hotline Miami 1 - 2 ach with same timeapawn
2. Dust an elysian tail - 2 and 2 ach with same timespawn, "Push and Turn" with "Distant Thunder" and "With Great Power" with "Cutting it Close".
3. Lucius - "There is no unswer" and "Serial killer" with same timespawn

I thing that was a bug coused by few things:
1. on that period of life have only lowend laptop (laggy and etc)
2. my internet connection and playing almost everytime offline
3. Some in game bug (or maybe cous of HDD)

As example of bug, in game (Quantium Break ... 7987770971) in which I recently played, I got all the achievements, BUT the achievement which should be the MOST last (because it is given for 100% passing) was given immediately after the last condition was met. But the achievement for the full pumping of all abilities was given not immediately, as far as I remember, it was given after I used chronovision ...

Ok, that's all I can say for now. Thank you in advance for the time spent on me!

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Re: Appeal (『  』 Astats)

Post by GreCha » Tue Jul 30, 2019 3:48 am

Rly sorry for this BUT forget to wright here about 2 games!
1. Fable - wiped all, was problem with ach they just poping up without stoping, found that there was a steam cloud turned on for this game (i almost always turn it off cous in past steam cloud overwritten new save with old1). And now fully complite it by myself.
2. This War Of Mine - full wipe.

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Re: Appeal (『  』 Astats)

Post by Xeinok » Tue Jul 30, 2019 3:48 am

Thank you, we will review shortly
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Re: Appeal (『  』 Astats)

Post by Allalinor » Tue Jul 30, 2019 3:48 am


First up I want to apologies for taking a bit longer to respond to your appeal.

Everything is perfectly done by you, thanks for being so thorough while going through your games and providing detailed proof for stuff you unlocked legitimately after relocking.

That would be it from our side. We will lock this thread and archive it so that it is available for AStats staff when they get to your appeal.

Thanks for coming clean and have a good time cheevo hunting.