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MuFeR Appeal (Complete)

Posted: Thu May 30, 2019 5:23 pm
by MuFeR
Discord: MufeR#0063

All the following happened before I linked my account here so most likely are not even trackable anymore but making this just in case.

I've used SAM to unlock a couple broken achievements on the following games, Loadout, Nexuiz and a single achivement on Darksiders 2. I've relocked all of them already.

As for Loadout the remaining achievs that I didn't lock were unlocked legitimately but the server would only update when you closed the game hence why most of them got the same time (you can verify this by checking other people's profiles I guess as this is true for all and everyone has all the easy achievs unlocked at the same time on their first exit).

On "God Awe-full clicker' I've locked/relocked the same achiev a few times because for some reason my steam profile wouldn't update the "Perfect Games" counter once I've gotten 100% on it but found out that the issue was that "steam was learning about this game" hence disabling achievement stats for everyone.

As for the game "Adventure Capitalist" i transferred my save file from because they were shutting down the game over there and I had already invested thousands of hours in it so all the achievs unlocked at almost the exact same time since it's an idle game and I had already everything unlocked.

Re: MuFeR Appeal

Posted: Thu May 30, 2019 5:33 pm
by Xeinok
Thanks for appealing, MuFeR - a staff member will review shortly. Don't worry about stuff being trackable or not, we have some tools that will allow us to see previous locks/relocks and SAM actually affects a Steam profile in some unique ways that are very easy to detect so it should not be a problem.

One note: if you SAMed a game please relock the game fully.

Do you have a screenshot of your armorgames progress you could share with us here?


Re: MuFeR Appeal

Posted: Thu May 30, 2019 5:52 pm
by MuFeR
No I'm afraid I don't have a screenshot from armorgames since the game has been completely removed from the website since 2016 or so. Even if I could take a screenshot it doesn't make much sense honestly as I could just transfer my save back from Steam and show up the exact same progress over there :P As you can see here I got well over 5k on everything and getting 5k on everything is one of the hardest achievements.

Also it's not exactly proof but after I transferred from armorgames I took part in a discussion on Steam where somebody accused me on cheating because of the timestamps to which I replied this.

Re: MuFeR Appeal

Posted: Thu May 30, 2019 7:14 pm
by MuFeR
Small edit: So I just found out after reading Xeinok's reply that I need to fully lock the game I used SAM on. Honestly I feel cheated myself in this case because the only guideline relative to this is from Amorou's comment in the Appeal FAW that says "please use either in-game commands or the SAR tool (Steam Achievement Relocker) to relock all relevant cheated achievements" and I don't see locking every single achievement even if I didn't cheat on it as relevant...

Now that being said I'm still willing to compromise and completely relock all the achievs for Nexuiz and Darksiders 2 even though I find it unfair but i'd still like to keep my achievements on Loadout as they are currently broken so I won't ever have the chance to get them again. There's some semi-proof that I legitimately got all the remaining achievs in Loadout, if you check these 3 games they all got 1 very specific common thing going on. All loadout achievements are only available on online servers which shut down, the 2 Nexuiz achievements are again the only 2 achievements that are only available on online servers which again shut down and the 1 Darksiders achievement required steamworks which shut down therefore I pretty much only cheated on the broken achievements. Now the servers for Loadout closed on May of 2018 and the remaining 8 achievements I didn't lock are all earned in 2016 which as I said it's semi-proof I didn't cheat on them.

Re: MuFeR Appeal

Posted: Thu May 30, 2019 9:28 pm
by Fabio
Regarding adventure capitalist, do you remember what you did to transfer the save from armorgames? As far as i know, there has not been a way to actually transfer save files with that game. But if there is, i would happily be proven wrong since it can help with appeals in the future if this comes up again. I did some research through the steam discussions and etc., but was unable to find any confirmation of a save transfer being possible.

We had a small discussion over the "penalty" for SAM use and we have now made a change to the comment you read in the appeal FAQs to make that more clear for other users. Thank you for bringing that to our attention. In saying that, since you are saying those were for sure legitamate, and they do match up with others' patterns in Loadout, you will not need to relock the rest of the ones you currently have.

Taking a look at god awe-full clicker, it looks like you received the achievements for breaking "x" urns quite rapidly after each other. Do you remember how that might have happened?

Re: MuFeR Appeal

Posted: Thu May 30, 2019 10:31 pm
by MuFeR
About adventure capitalist there were 2 ways to transfer save that I remember (I used the first one)
1) to copy the files from appdata/locallow/AdVenture Capitalist (some path like that) into your steam app folder. Essentially you just copied the save file really as it was compatible.

2) One of the developers said in a thread you can pm him your adventure capitalist ID (a number you see when you openened your ingame profile) and the same ID from your steam account and he would transfer the save for you, this works for all platforms the gave's ever been in (maybe except Kongregate since I remember they had some unique features). ... t-do-I-do-

About God awe-full I went to take a look and I see that the last achiev I unlocked is the "click 50 million times" one. That's definitely the one I mentioned that I relocked/unlocked a few times trying to figure out what's wrong with my display on my steam profile. That being said it has nothing to do with the urns, honestly I got no clue how that happened and didn't even notice it till you mentioned it. I checked ingame and the final urn trophy is really unlocked which means I did actually do it ingame. Only completely random guess since those are all the achievs unlocked that day that they all synced at the same time for some reason.

Re: MuFeR Appeal

Posted: Thu May 30, 2019 11:29 pm
by Fabio
Oh so the first one did actually work? I found some hints of that but only from steam -> kongregate and it acting oddly. Thanks for the solid explanation about that!

God Awe-full clicker was/is kinda buggy with some achievements. Think i have 3 or 4 that unlocked at the same time without meeting the requirements myself.

I have not taken a look at your profile myself, so i am going to leave it to the other staff members who have taken a look to officially mark your appeal as complete. Just in case there is something else they wanted to mention.

Re: MuFeR Appeal

Posted: Sun Jun 02, 2019 3:16 pm
by MuFeR
Update: Forgot Nexuiz also has a "Nexuiz Beta" version with the exact same achievements. Relocked the same 2 broken ones as with the main version that I used SAM on.

Re: MuFeR Appeal

Posted: Wed Jun 05, 2019 12:56 am
by Fabio
Alrighty, so i've just finished going over your profile and have a couple more questions for you regarding some of your games and their timestamps.
1) time clickers has alot of small clusters of achievements, do you remember what happened there?
2) are there any other games that you may have used SAM on or other forms of cheating in the past that have not been brought up?

Re: MuFeR Appeal

Posted: Wed Jun 05, 2019 9:02 am
by MuFeR
1)Time clickers is same deal as adventure capitalist (playing on website). (can see my profile logged in on top right) There's a direct pair option so you don't need to even copy any savefile it just syncs when you load up steam

2)I've taken a look once more and I don't see anything that should be off.