MrHLeo92 Appeal (Complete)

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MrHLeo92 Appeal (Complete)

Post by Fabio » Fri May 17, 2019 5:44 pm

Discord: MrHLeo92#0982
-Alan Wake- used cheat engine to have infinite health, bullets, and batteries.


MrHLeo and I worked through this appeal over discord due to language barriers, that being it was entirely in spanish for an hour and a half. After he told me he used cheat engine on alan wake, as well as sent me a video showing how he used it with the game, i went ahead and told him about our appeal process. We had some issues getting the game to properly relock, but once he disabled cloud save, deleted/reinstalled the game, and deleted the local save, the game properly relocked. The other games looked fine, so this appeal can be marked as complete.

-As a note, he has used cheat engine in other non achievement games, so I'll have a reminder set to look over the profile every so often to check for further use of cheat engine if possible. I made it clear that the use of cheat engine is against the rules.

-Chat log from discord in google doc ... sp=sharing
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Re: MrHLeo92 Appeal (Complete)

Post by Xeinok » Fri May 17, 2019 6:16 pm

I spoke first with the user during standard verification - due to language issues, I passed him to Fabio once it was learned that cheating had occurred.
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