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Gagemeister10 Appeal

Posted: Sun Apr 21, 2019 11:58 pm
by Gagemeister10
Discord: Gagemeister10
Clicker Heroes | Tap Tap Infinity

Highschool days before i started getting into achievement hunting on steam, used a save file that skipped some progress and got me some achievements, not all, but some.
Would like to reset the achievements if possible.

One Piece Pirate Warriors 3

Save got deleted when my harddrive got corrupted, game isnt supported by steam cloud so i got a backup save from somebody else. I had already beat the entire game was just doing some grinding achievements that i was almost finished with and didnt want to put another 40+ hours into doing the story just to be able to start grinding again.


Uh i guess i got gold medals on all advanced maps at the same time frame, i do not remember how or what i did, but it happened.

Re: Gagemeister10 Appeal

Posted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 1:31 am
by Fabio
Hi Gagemeister10, thanks for creating an appeal. For any game that needs to be relocked, please make sure to start them up after relocking the achievements to check for any that automatically pop on startup.

For clicker heroes, the entire game will have to be relocked and reset in order to continue having it count on achievement trackers. If you still have your save from before using someone else's save, loading your old save, and relocking the achievements obtained from the borrowed save would work just as well. In reading through that, i can't tell if it actually sounds right or not, so let me know if i need to rephrase that any better.

With One Piece Pirate Warrior 3, you will also need to relock the game after deleting the save data. As unfortunate as it is that you lost the save in that manner, it is still against the rules to use a save other than one of your own.

Looking at Portal, that's the first time i've seen something like that happen with it. If you aren't completely sure on what happened, relocking those three achievements would be the best course of action. If any of those unlock when you start the game up afterwards, i actually have no idea how to fix that for this game specifically. So if that happens, let me know and i'll discuss with the other staff members on possible fixes.

--The following games are ones that i have questions for--
-Diehard Dungeon has a small cluster of achievements unlocked together
-Bit Heroes has all of the achievements unlocked together. I know the game has a transfer option, and was quite buggy with achievements right when it came out.
-Tap Tap Infinity has a significant cluster
-Adventure Capitalist has a cluster in the beginning
-Risk of Rain has the same as above

On the chance that you are not aware of the achievement tracker profiles you have, this link will bring you to your AStats account, which you can use to also reach the other ones: ... 8222448544
I recommend using to go through your games if you need to.

Re: Gagemeister10 Appeal

Posted: Thu May 30, 2019 2:24 pm
by Gagemeister10
How do i go about relocking achievements?

Bit Heroes is a mobile game, i had my data transfered from my phone.

Diehard Dungeon has been asked about before, but i 100% did that game legitimately. the achievements i have unlocked at the same time were for during a run on the highest difficulty so my rank went up real quick causing 3 rank achievements and killing the boss was what triggered all of it to pop on that run.

Tap Tap infinity was for sure a save or something i can relock those.

Adventure capitalist i know i would change the date on my computer allowing me to speed things up idk if thats allowed or not.

Risk of Rain i didnt do anything funky with idk why the achievements popped at the same time its been a while since i played that.

Re: Gagemeister10 Appeal

Posted: Thu May 30, 2019 5:27 pm
by Xeinok
Hi Gage, to relock games please refer back to the appeal FAQ in this forum where it mentions the "SAR" tool.

Re: Gagemeister10 Appeal

Posted: Thu May 30, 2019 7:27 pm
by Fabio
Once you've downloaded the tool that xeinok mentioned, (let us know if you can't find it), i believe you'll just need to relock the following games:
1) tap tap infinity- using a save other than your own is not allowed, and generally calls for a complete relock of the achievements. Please make sure you delete the save at the same time to prevent anything from unlocking right away.
2)AdCap- now with this one, it will be tricky to figure out the best action for you to take, unless you are also fine with relocking all of the achievements. Skipping forward with the time in this way is not allowed, and if you used it for the whole game then all of the achievements will need to be relocked. This may be the better option just to prevent anything from coming back to haunt you with adcap in the future, as well as deleting the save.
3) clicker heroes and one piece pirate warrior 3 for the reasons i mentioned already
4)Portal- again, for the reasons mentioned

Bit heroes, diehard dungeon, and risk of rain are fine and you can ignore those. Looking at diehard dungeon, your explanation makes sense with what unlocked. Risk of rain may have been offline time, or some weird bug. I played it quite awhile back and know it had some...problems, with its saves and other bugs.